PCORI sets the stage for research on lean healthcare

PCORI was established as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2009. PCORI has recently released it's research agenda for public comment.Release of approximately $125 million dollars for the research will occur this year. The proposed research agenda includes: 1.Comparative assessments of prevention,diagnosis and treatment options. The research goal is to determine which options work best for distinct populations with specific health problems.  2.Improving Healthcare Systems. Focuses on ways to improve healthcare services,such as coordination of care for patients with multiple chronic conditions 3.Communication and dissemination. Looks at ways to provide information to patients so that they,in turn,can make informed healthcare decisions with clinicians. 4.Addressing disparities. Assures that research addresses the healthcare needs of all patient populations.This needed as treatments may not work equally well for everyone. 5.Accelerating Patient Centered and Methodological research. Includes patients and caregiviers in the design of research that is quick,safe,and efficient. The recently announced research consortium that is a partnership of theThedacare Center for Healthcare Value and the Stanford Clinical Excellence Research Center is focused on several of these research priorities. Testing the hypothesis "does lean work in healthcare when compared to other methods" is clearly related to priority number two. Priority number 5 covers our hypothesis "can the implementation of lean primciples and practices be simplified so that any organization can be successful at implementation" See the following attachment to view the large number of healthcare reserch institutions that are participating in the consortium. Also read below for the recent PCORI proposal.     Research consortium1 PCORI-Draft-National-Priorities-and-Research-Agenda

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