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Five Things Mature Lean Organizations Have in Common

Posted on by Paul Pejsa

Part of my role at Catalysis is to work with our Catalysis Healthcare Value Network members to help them accelerate the cultural transformation at their organizations. One way we do this is through what we call the discovery process. The goal of the process is to get a broad perspective on how an organization is […]

Five Leader Behaviors That Show Respect for Every Individual

Posted on by Paul Pejsa

To me, respect for every individual means to have empathy for those around you; to think about the impact of your actions and behavior on others.  I believe that in order to have empathy for someone you need to be able to walk in their shoes and understand their perspective. The Shingo Model shows respect […]

Change Your Behavior, Change Your Results

Posted on by Paul Pejsa

Many healthcare organizations are coming to the realization that tool-based implementations are insufficient to sustain continuous improvement. This is leading organizations to take a principle-based approach to operational excellence. Adopting a principle-based approach can seem daunting, and many leaders are not sure where to start. Here is some advice: 

Leadership is Key, but not Always Enough

Posted on by Paul Pejsa

As members of the Catalysis Healthcare Value Network team, we have a unique perspective on healthcare transformation because we go to see many organizations every year. When I reflect on the organizations that I have visited one thing stands out, leadership is key, but it is not always enough. This year I have seen a […]

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