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Performance Process: Accountability

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Post 3 of 4 in a Blog Series by Kim Barnas As I visit healthcare organizations around North America, people come forward sharing concerns that they are hitting a wall, even within the management system. Often what I hear is that they have implemented stat sheets and huddles, but not all of them have implemented […]

Solving Problems: Why You Need a Process

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Post 2 of 4 in a Blog Series by Kim Barnas If you encourage staff to identify defects, you better have a process to solve them. Often the first step is to bring those defects forward to a huddle. In the book Beyond Heroes, we recommend that this conversation occurs at a huddle board (visual […]

Daily Management: Making it Visible

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Blog Post #1 of 4 in a Series by Kim Barnas One of the first components needed in a management system is a way to look at your day. We call that our status sheet. It’s a daily check-in. It could be a huddle, it could be a conversation, whatever it is that you are […]