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The Difference Between “Reduce” and “Prevent” When it Comes to Process Thinking

Posted on by Brian Veara

In many healthcare organizations, you often see lofty strategic initiatives that are listed as reducing harm. For example, these objectives are listed as “Reduce CLABSI by 50%” or “Reduce Unplanned Readmissions by 25%.” The words used in these statements can often represent an immature process and analytics mindset. In organizations that are more mature in […]

Did You See the Canaries?

Posted on by Brian Veara

Did you know that back in the early underground mining days, miners were dying because of deadly gases that would seep into the mines?  They learned that canaries, hanging in cages within the mines, would die long before the levels of gas were deadly to humans.  This was their early warning system for action. This […]

There is More to Performance Management Than Just Tools and Technology

Posted on by Brian Veara

I come across many healthcare organizations that struggle with performance management. What I hear and see are intelligent, dedicated people all trying to help their organization improve. Most EMR implementations do not include a clinical business intelligence strategy. Vendors have come in and convinced the organization’s leaders that their software can somehow automatically improve performance. […]