ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value to Present Back-to-Back Sessions on Lean Practices

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The ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value will hold two workshops to give organizations a unique opportunity to learn and practice lean management tools over a four day span: A3 Thinking, July 13-14, and Reduce Your Unplanned Hospital Readmissions, July 15-16.

Attendees can first learn and practice the scientific method for daily problem solving in A3 Thinking, which results in more reliable solutions. Then, stay for Reduce Your Unplanned Hospital Readmissions to learn how to apply the methods in assessing, evaluating and determining causes of unplanned readmissions using real data from ThedaCare.

“This really is a unique chance for organizations come in and learn A3 thinking, which is foundational for any organization that aspires to engage staff in daily problem solving, and then turn around and practice those skills with real-world information,” said Marta Karlov, the Center’s director of education.

In the A3 Thinking session, participants apply the thinking behind the A3 to a problem in their work areas and learn and practice how to coach others for improvement. Following completion of the session, participants will be able to explain the requirements of sound A3 thinking, recognize the thought process behind the various sections of the A3 template, practice asking effective questions, and receive feedback from peers and faculty.

The Reduce Your Unplanned Hospital Readmissions session is a new 1.5 day program where healthcare leaders can study their current state, attend an actual care management huddle at ThedaCare, see readmissions analytics, and collaborate with others on thinking about their future state. They also will learn how ThedaCare has used its Lean Management System to continuously reduce its own hospital readmission rate, which is now at seven percent.

“Not only will attendees learn invaluable tools and practices, they will get an inside look on how frontline teams in a hospital system like ThedaCare utilize these tools day to day,” said Karlov.

Both sessions will be held at the Center’s offices in Appleton, Wisconsin. If interested, you can sign up for one or both sessions by following these links:

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