Notes and Issues Encountered from Organizations Who Have Began Administering COVID-19 Vaccines

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  • Most scheduling through employee/occupational health
  • ACTION: Need a “call list” to fill in for no-shows
  • People were showing up at a time different from their scheduled time.  ACTION: Create a plan to deal with this situation
  • ACTION: Need a list that prioritizes who “should” get a shot first
  • ACTION: Recommend polling for the list of volunteers to get the vaccine

Issues encountered:

  • Needles were getting bent and/or dull when inserted into the vials for a draw.
    • ACTION: Have spare needles on hand
  • There have been some reported reactions by those on our call today (severity unknown)
    • ACTION: Have Code Team ready
  • Delivery of vaccine to the nurses
    • ACTION: Create tight communications with the area (pharmacy) preparing vials and the nurses administering doses to keep product flowing and a pace of administration.
  • Some vials had more than 5 doses.  OK to use up all product in vial message came out today from Pfizer


  • Need new workflows for when Moderna vaccine arrives.  ACTION: Begin designing new workflows now
  • Patients are receiving a piece of paper as an official document of vaccine
  • Patients are being required to sign a consent form like the flu vaccine
  • 70% of people on the sharing call stated they have begun administering the vaccine to staff
  • 80% of people on the sharing call stated the organization had a formal communications process on the vaccine
  • Over 80% stated that the perceived willingness from front-line stall about getting the vaccine rated it 4 or 5 (0-5 scale.  5=Very Willing).  Improved opinion from the last session.  Not a scientific study.
  • Anyone willing to share other notes or action items, please share with us.

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