NEWSLETTER: A New Way to Prompt Innovative Thinking

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Does Your Management Style Allow for Innovative Thinking?
Many leaders suffer from behavioral tendencies and management styles that
don't naturally allow for innovative thinking. Decades of adhering to regulations, organizational procedures and healthcare mandates hinder the ability (or desire) to try new thinking to solve persistent organizational issues and problems.
When it comes to innovation in healthcare, the autocratic and bureaucratic structures and functions of today's healthcare systems in the United States actually discourage innovation.
Read the full article, "Get Innovative: A Message for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems," written by John Toussaint, MD, originally published by Huffington Post.
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Winning the Brain Game
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Process Improvement vs. Innovation
Changes in the healthcare industry, such as the shift in payment models, present an opportunity to design and develop radically different models of care delivery
Ted Toussaint, Catalysis Faculty on who should attend the Innovation workshop
Ted Toussaint, Catalysis Faculty, on who should attend the Innovation workshop through innovation.
Traditional lean improvement efforts such as kaizen events and daily continuous improvement can only take you so far. Innovation requires different systems and processes that most health systems do not have today. Join us for an innovation workshop
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