Mount Sinai Morningside in New York City Shares Standard Work for COVID-19 Processes

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Mount Sinai Morningside is a hospital in New York City. They have put a lot of standard work in place while learning on the fly as the surge of COVID-19 patients hits in New York. They would like to share what they have in hopes that it can help other healthcare organizations preparing for the possible surge of COVID-19 patients in their areas.


Command Center

Command Center Support Standard Work

COVID-19 Backfill Needs

Unit Planning Checklist


Departmental Standard Work

7W Clean and Dirty Zones

Closed Unit

COVID-19 Flow Coordinator 

Materials Management Runner


PPE for Code Cart

COVID-19 Code Cart Log

Red Code Bag Process – Materials

Red Code Bag Process – Nursing


Social Distancing

Computer Stations Table Tent Signs

Social Distancing Initiative

Social Distancing Max Capacity Sign



COVID-19 Visitor Policy

Visitor Restriction Workflow Process




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