Mending Management: Improving Customer Value by Transforming Operations

By John S. Toussaint, MD as posted at American Association for Physician Leadership

AS PHYSICIANS, WE SPENT MOST OF OUR school years focused on learning the science of diagnosis and treatment. We labored to learn the details of how the human body acts as a system, what can go wrong and how the many parts of human biology are interdependent. In essence, we learned the operating system of the human body.

In a surprisingly similar way, the people and specializations of a health care organization are just as interdependent as the organs and systems of a human body. Organizations are not naturally designed to be in balance, however. The organization seeking perfect balance must learn it. People must be taught and coached to work together in teams. Leaders must learn new skills and everyone must learn to reflexively use scientific problem solving to immediately address problems if we expect better patient outcomes.

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