The Lens, Episode #1 – The Importance of the Board in the Organizational Excellence Journey

Posted on by CATALYSIS
      Board engagement is often overlooked as part of the cultural transformation. There are four content areas a board needs to focus on to provide needed support to management in this culture transformation journey. Ensure grounding through increasing their knowledge of principles, behaviors, and systems and practicing the methods of organizational excellence. Clearly establish the difference in roles between the board and management.  It’s the board’s responsibility to work with management to develop strategy and oversee critical functions however, not be involved in operations. Making the distinction clear results in the board and management functioning at a high level. Succession planning. They choose the next CEO and to choose new board members as terms expire. This can’t be done unless the board deeply understands the needs of an organization undergoing the transition to organizational excellence. Learn how to improve their own work. Specific systems need to be developed by the board that help to support governance improvement. Visit our podcast channel Or find The Lens, by Catalysis wherever you get your podcasts        

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