How Do Healthcare CEOs View the Transformative Future?

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A survey of 200 healthcare executives from around the globe, conducted by KPMG, reveals that while the pandemic has quickened transformation in healthcare systems, obstacles including workforce stability, provider incentivization and innovation barriers could slow progress.

Chief executives from some of the world’s leading public and private healthcare providers in eight geographies were interviewed for KPMG’s first-ever Global Healthcare CEO Future Pulse. The report offers insights into how healthcare leaders overseeing hospitals, health systems and care provider networks are preparing for the future.

For the research, an online survey of 200 healthcare CEOs in the eight jurisdictions was commissioned by KPMG and conducted by Forbes Insights in March to April 2021.

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One Response to How Do Healthcare CEOs View the Transformative Future?

Edward James Letko says: 08/19/2022 at 8:29 am

The healthcare industry is constantly in flux as new technology and treatments are developed. CEOs of healthcare companies are constantly evaluating how best to provide quality care for their patients. Some see the transformative future of healthcare as one in which patients have more control over their own health and data is used to improve care.


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