Going Lean: Health and the Toyota Way

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Success and Failure in Medicine In this BBC podcast, Dr. Kevin Fong explores the concept of ‘lean’ in healthcare. He visits Toyota’s largest car assembly plant in the United States and discovers how the company’s legendary management philosophy – the Toyota Production System – is being implemented in hospitals, in an effort to improve patient care. Toyota’s philosophy of continuous improvement aims to increase quality and flow whilst decreasing cost. But whilst this may work well for the mass production of cars, can it really improve the care of individual patients? Watch this BBC podcast presentation here:  

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me says: 01/04/2017 at 7:26 am

Ryan, from Selsdon, there is emerging and indeed growing data, particularly from around 2011, that the overall condition of our microbiome health, is likely to be a considerable contributor to the overall standard of our well-being and that has considerable implications, for the ability of our overarching immune system, impacting our travel experiences for both work and pleasure and all lifestyle enjoyment.


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