ThedaCare’s Lean Management System Unveiled in Article

The Joint Commission published an article by Kim Barnas, VP at ThedaCare regarding her work in developing the lean management system at ThedaCare. I have done gemba (going to where value is created for the patients) at 91 hospitals in nine countries, most recently in the Netherlands. Each time I see a lot of energy and ideas regarding improvement but almost uniformly there is no underpinning management support for the improvement. This became clear to the hospital management team at ThedaCare several years ago and it was the force behind the development of the Business Performance System (BPS) which ThedaCare’s lean management system. The focus of any lean management system is to support the front line workers to identify and solve problems. In this article Ms. Barnas brilliantly describes how ThedaCare does just that. Using leader standard work the front line staff is taught how to use PDSA thinking to improve and sustain processes. To read the article, click here - BPS article Barnas  

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