The Better Care Plan: a blueprint for improving America’s healthcare system

The United States falls far short of its potential for delivering care that is effective, efficient, safe, timely, patient-centered, and equitable. We put forward the Better Care Plan, an overarching blueprint to address the flaws in our current system. The plan calls for continuously improving care, moving all payers to risk-adjusted prospective payment, and creating national entities for collecting, analyzing, and reporting patient safety and quality-of-care outcomes data. A number of recommendations are made to achieve these goals. Published in the inaugural issue of Health Affairs Scholar, the authors propose The Better Care Plan which aims to reduce costs, improve patient safety and quality outcomes, and provide team-based care.

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One Response to The Better Care Plan: a blueprint for improving America’s healthcare system

Jim mcgovern says: 06/23/2023 at 1:21 pm

This doesn’t address policy and financial distribution. The current healthcare system will fail. It’s not financially sustainable. Driving down physician reimbursement pushes maintaining physician salaries onto healthcare systems. Pharmacy cost, device cost, equipment costs, increasing staff salaries are part of the equation. The playing field is still tilted towards the payers. I agree with all of the quality changes that need to happen. But no margin no mission and if risk adjusted payments will be negotiated in the same system it will continue to leave healthcare delivery under reimbursed. Without addressing policy which is driven by policy makers leaving office with full PACs due to insurance and pharmaceutical industry contributions I don’t see how the 50% of healthcare systems currently in the red escape the current scenario of skyrocketing cost and minimal reimbursement increases.


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