ACO Model Should Encourage Efficient Care Delivery

This article by John Toussaint, David Krueger, Stephen M. Shortell, Arnold Milstein, and David M. Cutler, is available at


The independent Office of the Actuary for CMS certified that the Pioneer ACO model has met the stringent criteria for expansion to a larger population. Significant savings have accrued and quality targets have been met, so the program as a whole appears to be working. Ironically, 13 of the initial 32 enrollees have left. We attribute this to the design of the ACO models which inadequately support efficient care delivery. Using Bellin-ThedaCare Healthcare Partners as an example, we will focus on correctible flaws in four core elements of the ACO payment model: finance spending and targets, attribution, and quality performance.

One Response to ACO Model Should Encourage Efficient Care Delivery

Steve Brenton says: 09/15/2015 at 7:37 am

Terrific article that not only pulls the sheet back on the ill designed program but offers up specific “fixes”!! Let’s see if CMS is serious about making this work.


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