A Watershed Moment That Will Turn Around VA Operations

John Toussaint, MD shares his thoughts on this topic at the Huffington Post: On July 16th 2015, Robert McDonald, Secretary of the VA released this memorandum to the VA: "To better serve our customers, the VA must synchronize and better leverage our performance improvement efforts. Improved service to our nation's veterans requires a cultural of continuous improvement and networking between and across administrations and staff offices. Developing this culture of continuous improvement department-wide will leverage the numerous pockets of excellence within the department and further enhance our employees' sense of purpose. This memorandum outlines the strategy to fully implement the "Lean" strategy and processes to make the department more responsive to our customer's needs." The memorandum goes on to discuss some of the details. This move on the part of VA leadership may be the watershed moment that will turn around VA operations. If the VA is to be successful at a lean transformation what will it take? Continue reading....    

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