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Improve the Affordable Care Act, Don’t Repeal It

Dr. Toussaint, in this Harvard Business Review article, outlines the important features of the Affordable Care Act and what should be kept. He discusses the root cause of the cost problem in American healthcare and options to deal with it. Finally, there is a call to action to redesign care around the patient, change the […]

Healthcare Improvement Can’t Happen Without Better Management

  Originally published at Science Direct. To obtain a copy of this article, click here: By John Toussaint, MD Healthcare is steeped in the scientific method tradition. Placebo controlled double blinded studies are front and center of evidenced based medicine. But research has lagged far behind in management science. Very little evidence exists for the […]

How Health Care Systems Can Effectively Manage Process

John Toussaint, MD, published this article in the NEJM online journal Catalyst describing the lean management system. The article explains how the management system supports front line workers, including physicians, to identify and solve problems every day. This management system is in contrast to an opinion piece in the NEJM in January that described the Toyota Production […]

Paying For Value: Perspective From The Front Lines

By: Denis Cortese, John Toussaint, David Krueger, and Robert Smoldt as posted at the Health Affairs Blog. May 24, 2016 The concept of value-based health care is rapidly gaining traction in the U.S., yet implementation remains a significant challenge. For example, the current Medicare “shared savings” payment approach penalizes high-value providers, while rewarding historical inefficiency. Read the full article […]

Mending Management Part II – Improving Customer Value By Transforming Healthcare Operations

In Part II of Mending Management (in the March/April issue of the Physician Leadership Journal), John S. Toussaint, MD, author of Management on the Mend, outlines how human resources, information technology and finance are integral to creating a new operating system that will transform all health care operations. We call the new operating system lean health […]

The Toyota Production System: What Does It Mean, And What Does It Mean For Health Care?

In a new blog post for Health Affairs, the Center’s John Toussaint, MD, joins CMS’ Patrick Conway, MD, and Center Board Member Stephen Shortell of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, to address claims made in the recent New England Journal of Medicine article, “Medical Taylorism,” that the Toyota Production System and lean healthcare […]

Mending Management: Improving Customer Value by Transforming Operations

By John S. Toussaint, MD as posted at American Association for Physician Leadership AS PHYSICIANS, WE SPENT MOST OF OUR school years focused on learning the science of diagnosis and treatment. We labored to learn the details of how the human body acts as a system, what can go wrong and how the many parts of human […]