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How to Set Up an Incident Command Center

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The Permanente Medical Group has set up an incident command center to provide structure and a framework for managing in a crisis situation. Their entire management system has shifted to COVID-19, including daily tiered huddles and stat exchanges. Here is their standard work: Incident Command Overview – Roles and Responsibilities Incident Command Standard Work Tiered […]

Lean Support of COVID-19 Incident Command in a New York City Hospital

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Over the past several weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged routines in all of our lives and has brought into focus the need for rapid change as we race to re-define and improve how we are delivering health care. At Mount Sinai Morningside (MSM), an urban community hospital in New York City and a member […]

Tips for Helping Front Line Staff Manage Stress

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center from Dr. Lee Erikson Set up a Coping with Stress Hub on our intranet Communicated widely about our EAP mental health resources Set up several on line resources with links to apps for meditation, mindfulness, exercise, tai chi, etc. The psychiatry department is offering telemedicine counseling sessions to staff Launched […]

How a Culture of Improvement is Enabling INTEGRIS Health to Respond to COVID-19

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Like many healthcare organizations across the United States, INTEGRIS Health, in Oklahoma, had many questions about how to prepare for COVID-19. How would the spread of the virus look in Oklahoma? Were they prepared for a surge of COVID positive patients?  How were they going to manage and handle these patients, as well as other […]