White Paper – Designing the Future of Healthcare: A How-To Guide for Developing New Care Models


Innovation in healthcare delivery is undergoing radical change, not just in velocity but in our expectations of what true innovation means. Since the beginning of this century, forward-thinking physicians and executives have focused innovation efforts on a two-prong approach: optimizing what is and acquiring new capabilities by building or buying new resources. In a fee-for-service world, this worked well for many organizations.

As cost pressures keep squeezing organizations and individuals, however, it has become clear that these improvement methodologies and economic models are not keeping up with the required rate of change.

This white paper describes our early work with organizations to build that patient-focused innovation infrastructure, which we call new care model development. Reimagining the fundamental building blocks of care, the care process, and the care team is a transformational activity filled with leadership and management challenges. What we are developing is a reliable method for creating innovation capability in an organization, tapping the talents of its people in order to continuously prepare for the future.

Building a system for care model development – as opposed to a single new care model – is important to achieve organizational breakthrough. The following pages are the guide to creating this. We will describe how to establish the strategic alignment and governance process which is the bedrock of the new care model development system. We will detail the five phases of the design process and explain how to build a reproducible system by focusing on capability of the development and operations teams. Our goal is for you to use this guide to customize the model to your own organization’s culture and structure. Let’s begin with strategy.



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