White Paper: Designing the Future of Healthcare: A System for New Care Model Development to Drive Breakthrough Results


Improving traditional care models using value stream improvement techniques may be the right thing to do in your organization or it may be the wrong thing. You may need an entirely new care model. The future of healthcare is going to depend on developing new care models. But most healthcare organizations are not prepared.

What’s inside?

  • The Need for Systemic Change
  • A System for New Care Model Development
  • How to design a new care model
  • and more...

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Evolving Leadership

True innovation in healthcare delivery requires deep knowledge of both the global system and its most important element: the patient. And by “the patient,” we mean both all patients and every patient. This kind of thinking and action requires regular practice. But we have seen organizations develop a kind of muscular flexibility, a habit of thinking systemically while obsessively focused on the patient that makes true innovation possible.

Here, we will lay out a new system that has succeeded in doing just that. It is both an organizational practice and a way to look at our system structures in order to embed a reflex for innovation to meet changing demand.

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