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A Standardized Management System and an Improvement Culture allow for fast, safe, and efficient response to Covid-19

Posted on by John Toussaint

By Lisa Yerian M.D. and John Toussaint M.D. There is great concern throughout the U.S. that health systems will not be able to meet the demand of the potential exponential growth of critically ill patients with COVID-19. This is playing out in New York where some hospitals have full ICUs and too few ventilators to […]

COVID-19 Ventilator Innovation from Mount Sinai

Posted on by CATALYSIS

COVID-19 spread has put an overwhelming strain on the resources and personnel of New York City healthcare institutions, as the region surpassed 120,000 confirmed cases this week—now making up approximately 20% of all cases in the US. The need for not only frontline tools and therapies but fallback options has forced caregivers to seek outside […]

How Hospitals Can Manage Supply Shortages as Demand Surges

Posted on by CATALYSIS

As everyone has become painfully aware, acute shortages of materials like masks, ventilators, intensive care unit (ICU) capacity, and staff are hamstringing the heroic efforts of health care professionals around the world to address the pandemic. Now, more than ever, the right supply-chain strategies and management practices are urgently needed to optimize scarce resources, alleviate […]