Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson


Katie Anderson is the founder of KBJ Anderson Consulting, an independent consulting practice focused on helping individuals and organizations lead with intention by connecting their purpose, processes, and practices to deliver higher levels of performance.

Katie has over 20 years of experience in supporting change and improvement in organizations across a range of industries, including healthcare, government, manufacturing, biotech, and academia. Katie previously held senior lean leadership roles at Stanford Children’s Healthcare and Sutter Health, and as a healthcare senior consultant at PwC Australia.

Katie is an internationally recognized speaker, consultant, and coach, and has lived around the world – including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, and Japan. She regularly leads executive Japan Study Trips ( for lean practitioners wanting to take their understanding of operational excellence to the next level by discovering how Japanese organizations create cultures of respect and continuous improvement.

In addition to teaching for Catalysis, Katie is a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute and leads the Association for Manufacturing Excellence’s Consortia program in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Biology with honors from Stanford University and a Masters of Philosophy in Public Health (MPhil) from the University of Sydney, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Australia.

For more information and leadership resources, visit: or email Katie: [email protected]