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As an innovator in the methodologies and systems designed to create healthcare value, Catalysis remains on the forefront of healthcare system transformation. We create experiential learning through classroom and health system site visits. We offer peer-to-peer networks for healthcare leaders who share best practices. We share new thinking and processes that accelerate change. And we engage with and inspire leaders so they may serve as catalysts for effective health system transformation.

We continue to develop healthcare management practices based on rapidly adaptable management strategies that health systems implement to generate sustainable healthcare value.

Our educational programs and resources are used by hundreds of healthcare leaders who recognize the three critical elements required to achieve sustainable change:

  • Patient-centered care delivery
  • Payment and incentives based on value and outcomes
  • Transparency of performance (quality and cost) throughout the healthcare system

The team at Catalysis works with leaders to shape and accelerate change. Each day we:

  • Connect with healthcare leaders and innovators.
  • Ask questions, listen, learn and facilitate discussions.
  • See the latest and greatest in health system management and turn these practices into education programs, webinars and other resources designed to help leaders change behavior and culture at their organizations.
  • Partner with health systems, organizations, consultants and change agents to create custom education experiences for healthcare leaders and managers.

Our education offerings inspire healthcare leaders every day. These programs and resources are based on results from those who are on the journey to create healthcare value. Click these links to access resources that will help your organization begin its journey: Education, Store, Events, Catalysis Healthcare Value Network.

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