Healthcare Industry Landscape – Our View

Healthcare leaders, physicians and care providers struggle each day to improve patient care and quality while combating the costs of providing care.

Providers who do the right thing – improve the quality of care and reduce waste – are penalized financially in a fee-for-service reimbursement environment. Healthcare cost and quality data remain difficult to access (when it even exists), frustrating purchasers and consumers and making it difficult for those who are doing the right thing to get rewarded for their efforts.

Patients’ health conditions also must be addressed, not just inside a clinic or hospital, but also where the root causes of our most common and costly health conditions are found: where people live, learn, work and play.

Value = Quality / Cost

As the equation shows us, we must focus both on improving quality and on controlling cost in order to create value. A focus on value cannot be limited simply to healthcare leaders. Everyone — from the frontline physicians and nurses, to the payer, to the employer and the patient — should commit time and energy into defining true value.

Only by keeping our eyes on this value equation can we achieve sustainable change in healthcare.