What’s the Next Step in your Journey?

Journey-CompassWelcome to our complementary organization assessment! This survey is based on Management on the Mend: The Healthcare Executive Guide to System Transformation, by John Toussaint, MD. This book details a model for lean transformation that shows leaders how to embrace an operating and management system that accomplishes the reciprocal goals of a) empowering all front-line caregivers to practice medicine while finding and solving problems and b) empowering all managers and executives to support the work of the front-line caregivers. The Catalysis Online Assessment is designed to be completed once by representatives of the organization. We suggest the following methods as options for completing the instrument:
  • Gather team members, facilitate a discussion around each question, and answer according to what the majority of the group decides.
  • The organization’s lean transformation leader completes the assessment.
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If you are interested in a more in depth assessment of your organization’s lean journey please contact us at [email protected].