Strategy Session for the Lean Transformation

Is your senior leadership team fully aligned around an approach toward operational excellence and high reliability? Do they know what their next steps should be?

During this 2-day session, facilitated by a senior leader and a lean coach with extensive experience in driving organizational transformation, the executive team of your organization will deepen their understanding about their current state and develop a plan to address key gaps to transformation.      

Key objectives for the organization include:

  • Describe how high performing healthcare organizations are delivering reliable, high quality care through operational excellence based on lean manufacturing principles.
  • Learn about the management practices required to foster an environment of continuous process improvement to consistently exceed performance to standards.
  • Practice a repeatable process for high functioning teams to design, study, and adjust effective experiments to address barriers to operational excellence.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategic plan to address the key barriers to providing ready access to care and creating a culture of safety and effective processes for safe and reliable care.

At the end of the session the organization will obtain the following deliverables:

  • A summary document outlining the detailed analysis performed by participants and specific tactics to implement strategies during a planning horizon of 12-18 months.
  • An action plan for the organization to achieve, sustain and continuously improve measurable performance.

Sample Agenda:

Day 1 – 8:00AM – 4:00PM 

  • Introduction:  Context for Session from CEO
  • Introduction of Participants
  • Key Organizational Measures and Leadership Initiatives
  • Gemba Walk and Debrief
  • Current State:  Perceptions of Organization’s Lean Maturity
  • Target State:  Perceptions of Leadership
  • The Role of the Senior Leader in Changing the Culture and Lean Transformation Key Elements
  • Break
  • Gap Analysis
  • Day 1 Reflection

Day 2 - 8:00AM – 3:00PM

  • Overnight Reflections
  • Prioritize Gaps
  • Break
  • Strategies to Close Gaps and Address Business Case
  • Key Experiments for Success to Execute Strategies
  • Session Reflections

Duration: 2 Days

Faculty:  John Toussaint, MD or Kim Barnas and Marta Karlov, MPH

Who Should Attend: Senior Leadership Team and Key Stakeholders

This education experience is available for onsite delivery for your teams upon request. For more information, please contact our Education Team at 920-659-7471 or [email protected].

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