Leveraging Information, People & Systems in Healthcare

Do operational departments in your organization find themselves competing for IT resources to support improvement work?

Lean IT Gemba

When IT and enterprise leaders understand the core principles and concepts of lean and how they can be applied to IT operations, as well as support the lean initiatives throughout the organization, they become a key enabler of the lean transformation.  During this program participants will experience a combination of classroom education, exercises, and will participate in a "gemba" walk. During the visit they will observe how teams have applied the scientific method for problem solving and collaborating to deploy resources in a manner that is aligned with organization priorities.

Key objectives for participants include:

  • Understand the operational excellence principles that drive lean transformations.
  • Learn how to practice scientific thinking for team-based problem solving.
  • Articulate how visual management can improve performance and state a clear case for IT value.
  • Describe how to optimize work processes in IT and the enterprise.
  • Witness the application of lean for project intake management and prioritization.
  • Build a roadmap for the lean transformation of IT to enable and enhance value delivery by the organization.

Duration: 2 Days

Faculty:   Mike Orzen

Who Should Attend:  Enterprise and IT leaders in the healthcare industry

This education experience is also available for onsite delivery for your teams upon request. For more information, please contact our Education Team at 920-659-7471 or [email protected].