Planning Session – Key Behavior Indicator Definition

Is your lean approach focused primarily on tools? How are you making sure you are tending the people-oriented aspects of leading?

Cultivating ideal behavior aligned with the principles of enterprise excellence is hard work, and it shouldn’t be confused with other people-related management concepts, such as employee satisfaction or employee engagement. This session focuses on creating key behavior indicators (KBIs at different levels in the organization including leaders, managers and the front-line). These behaviors are critical to any lean journey – as they describe the “how” to achieve results and strategic objectives.  When these KBI’s are not identified and focused on, organizations see other behaviors emerge such as work-a-rounds, firefighting, and heroic efforts.  As organizations build or adjust support or work systems, KBIs drive the definition of target behaviors, which are used in combination with quantifiable goals.

At the end of this work session the executive team will have developed the following:

  • A list of Key Behavior Indicators for the organization at various levels
  • A plan for personal practice of Key Behaviors
  • An action plan for next steps to deploy in the organization

Schedule: 1-day (8:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Pre-reading: Pre-reading will be assigned prior to the session

Recommended Reading: Management on the Mend: The Healthcare Executive Guide to System Transformation by John Toussaint, MD

Recommended Prerequisite Sessions: Principles and Behaviors of Operational Excellence, Catalysis Executive Site Visit

Who Should Attend: Senior leadership team

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