Executive Onboarding Program

How do you maintain momentum for your organization’s transformation journey when you have executive leadership turnover? What does it look like to effectively integrate a new executive team member into the current principle-based leadership culture of your organization without creating a training program?

This Executive Onboarding Program provides the foundation and framework for a new executive to easily align with the rest of your organization.

Using the self-paced learning platform with the support of a preceptor and coaching from Catalysis, the new executive will be able to describe the systems used to drive organization performance. The executive will learn principle-driven behaviors and be able to help develop and coach others in your organization to ensure a culture of continuous improvement.

The following individual courses are included in the program and can be completed based on the needs of the new executive:

  • Overview of Organizational Excellence
  • Constancy of Purpose
  • Leader Standard Work
  • Personal Development A3
  • True North
  • Respect for Every Individual
  • Lead with Humility
  • Leader Gemba

Additional resources in this program include:

  • Facilitator guide
  • Support for the preceptor
  • Catalysis coaching for the new executive
  • Option to combine with full coaching series (13 sessions with Catalysis coach)

Following completion of this program, participants will be able to:   

  • Practice the leadership behaviors necessary to support the creation and development of a principle-based improvement culture.
  • Describe the systems necessary to deliver the results by relying on a set of principles and behaviors defined by the executive team.
  • Engage in regular dialogue to discuss and reflect on courses of action. Practice asking questions (using a humble inquiry model) at the front line to motivate people and get results.
  • Develop personal standard work which will model the principle-based behaviors required to lead and sustain a successful lean transformation.
  • Incorporate the foundational content into practice in alignment with the rest of the executive team

Target Audience: New executive to an organization already on a transformation journey towards organizational excellence

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