Coaching for A3 Thinking

Coaching for A3 Thinking

What competencies do leaders in your organization have to develop an organization filled with problem solvers? How effectively do they ask questions that support team members’ growth as PDSA thinkers?  For managers and executives in healthcare organizations, the daily, intentional development of their own coaching skills often takes a back seat to working on skills of a more technical nature.

Strong Lean leaders must have a balance of social and technical competencies. Capably coaching others is essential to developing PDSA Thinkers at every level of the organization, and requires leaders to develop new habits and practices of their own.  During this one-day interactive learning experience, participants will practice asking effective questions in service of others, discuss a coaching framework for developing others, and begin a plan for personal improvement using the framework of Personal Improvement A3 Thinking.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of organizational excellence
  • Define the role of the coach in a lean organization
  • Practice asking effective questions
  • Develop a plan for self-improvement as a coach

Schedule: 1-day (8:00 am - 4:00 pm) for in-person, two 3-hour sessions for virtual

Pre-reading: None

Recommended Reading: Managing to Learn: Using the A3 Management Process by John Shook, Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of Telling by Edgar H. Schein

Recommended Prerequisite Sessions: None

Who Should Attend: Clinical and nonclinical leaders across the healthcare industry

For virtual format: Click here for complete information on CE credits, provided by MetaStar

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