Healthcare Value Network Gemba

Our members-only "Network Gemba Visits" are a core activity of the Network. Multiple times per year, members gather for a two-day meeting at a member organization site. These meetings are not focused on conference room talk and slide presentations — they are structured learning and interaction at the "gemba" (a Japanese term for the place where the work is actually done)

Each gemba visit is planned around a specific theme and learning objective like:

  • Strategy deployment ("hoshin kanri")
  • Management standard work
  • How to spread lean through a hospital
The gemba visits allow Network members to learn from the host organization. The learning also goes in the other direction, as visiting Network members ask incisive questions and give constructive feedback. Teaching comes from all levels of the host organization, from CEO to front-line staff. In recent visits, members have heard about both the challenges and the successes of the host organization. gemba-visit-3
With the trust and relationships built within the Network, members can be open and honest about lessons learned instead of trying to put their best face on everything. A typical gemba visit has approximately 40 visitors — the maximum size is at the discretion of the host organization. During a typical visit, the visitors are divided into subgroups of about 7 per group. This allows for more intimate discussions as well as minimizing interference with the host facility’s operations.