Executive Leadership Forums

Learn How to Lead in a Different Way

If you are leading in an organization that’s transforming to a culture of improvement, you may be thinking there must be a better way. 

Transformation starts with you. 

Changing your leadership behaviors is challenging when you can’t collaborate with others and learn from successful examples. 

We understand personal development and developing others is vital to leading in an improvement culture. That’s why we created Executive Leadership Forums.

We have worked with many executive leaders and have examples of what leadership behaviors are required for healthcare organizations to sustain change. The curriculum for our Forums is grounded in experience and research that has been published in books, journals, and articles. 

Executive Leadership Forums allow leaders like you to learn, collaborate, and practice a new way of leading by providing: 

A Safe Space

to connect with others in like roles to learn, reflect, and grow

Tailored Topics

that are focused on members’ needs


Personal Development Opportunities

by fostering accountability and support 

Experienced Faculty

with expertise in healthcare and leadership development

Learn More About Each of the Forums

By Becoming a Member of an Executive Leadership Forum You Will: 

  • Connect to other leaders that are committed to behavior change
  • Become equipped to foster a culture of continuous improvement 
  • Personally develop and refine your leadership behaviors to improve healthcare

Connect with our team to learn more.