CEO Forum

Would you like to learn how to lead in a different way?

The CEO Forum is an invitation-only series for top-level executives, focused exclusively on the leadership behaviors required for a successful and sustainable lean transformation.  It’s an ongoing program in which senior executives can learn, share and connect in a safe environment.

About the CEO Forum

The Forum is anchored in the belief that transformation starts with the leader, and that lean is both a personal and an organizational transformation, therefore we have focused on identifying and describing the behaviors and competencies which will lead to a successful and sustainable transformation. 

In the Forum, participants will gain connection with other top executives, and personally develop and be supported in changing leadership behaviors.

Benefits of the CEO Forum

We conduct a self-assessment in which key leadership behaviors are rated. Personal A3s are created, updated, and discussed each time we meet, the goal is to have each leader identify focus areas for work back home. 

In addition, we provide opportunities to learn and share topics that are relevant to executive leaders developing systems that support a culture of continuous improvement.

Our faculty includes John Toussaint and other experts in the field of lean and organizational change.

Format for the CEO Forum

The Forum is comprised of highly interactive sessions which include pre-reads, didactic, small group exercises and dialogue/discussion with experts and the peer group.

We meet twice a year, a weekend in the first quarter and a second time in late summer/early fall. We limit the number of participants so that everyone can learn, share, and connect.

Healthcare transformation needs its leaders to be aware and connected. The CEO Forum is an investment in personal development, which will pay exponential organizational dividends. We look forward to learning with you!

Connect with our team to learn more about the CEO Forum and how you can become a member.